When in Rome…

Fontana di Trevi

An early start in Rome means fighting with busy workers to get a space on the Metro. However the hustle and bustle of the dark , dull Metro station becomes a distant memory when you find your way to the Trevi Fountain. I thought I would have to continue fighting through people to find some a space , like I did on the train, BUT to my amazement the famous fountain was almost free of people. Being able to stand this close to such a wonderful monument is certainly a tick off my bucket list. My 2 Euro sunk to the bottom taking my wish with it, piercing through the morning sunrise resting on the magical water. If you have a bucket list, add this onto it! Full of history and beauty , this Italian wonder , is worth a wander!


6 thoughts on “When in Rome…

  1. Hey I can’t see my comment from before! I’ll repeat! It went something like this!
    A beautiful insight to a beautiful place, from my sister I am very proud of you well done, this is just the beginning for you xxxx

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