Born in the wrong time: 7 reasons why you don’t belong in the 90’s generation!

Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong time? Or that you have traits and interests that make you feel like an alien to your generation? Welcome to my world!

Obviously everybody has their similarities and differences, that is part of being an individual, but after weighing up my traits and interests, I definitely do not fit into the 90’s generation. I mean there are the few things that keep me hanging onto the 90’s crew by a thin piece of thread such as my addiction to reality T.V (Geordie Shore, The Hills, I love them all), my love for Walkabout (you have to love a club that plays a bit of everything), having Netflix as your go to choice instead of actual television and of course my obsession with lipstick! But overall I am sure I was born in the wrong time! Here are 7 reasons why:

1= Tea and juicy chocolate cake over a trip to a fast food place any day of the week!
Luckily I do have a few friends who agree with me on this one! Let’s face it though, tea and cake is such a cute outing! Especially if you are in the perfect, idyllic location. Tea and cake is also traditional. How else can we expect to dine like royalty or wealthy Lords and Ladies of English history for an affordable price? Tea and cake is the closest thing you will probably get to feeling like a Duchess and her friends having afternoon tea in the lands of her estate. Unless you can afford a banquet I guess. Let’s also not forget that tea is always the best way to be cheered up: “let me make you a cup of tea.” So really tea and cake bring you closer to dining like a Lady of a Manor and can magically make you feel better!

image1 (5) - Copy
Tea and cake makes all things great!


2= Selfie sensation makes for a dull generation.

Yes we all have the odd selfie every now and again, maybe of a close up of our face or of us standing by some monument we are visiting on holiday. What really makes me cringe is the AMOUNT of selfies people take. More importantly do they not realise they pull the exact same pose with just a different outfit on? 

3= Caring about history does not make you a geek, it makes you cultured and respectful!
I love history! It baffles me how so many of the 90’s generation and many more generations do not care about the past. I have been told before that “history is boring.” Okay then, we shall put this into perspective. So in your 20- something years of existence, you have done monumental, life-changing things that will stand in history forever and be written about in 100 years? 


That had to be capitalized! I think the main reason that I don’t in with most of the 90’s generation is that I do not care about raving in Ibiza. I want to see the world and travel! There are so many people nowadays who think they are seeing the world and becoming cultured travelers when they buy their ticket to Ibiza or wherever. Fair enough if that is what floats your boat but please remember this isn’t seeing the world. I would much rather get stamps in my passport that trigger memories of seeing places you will probably never see again and visiting places you have always dreamed of! I would just rather see the world than the bottom of a toilet for a week.

image1 (6)Road trips through America over party holidays for sure!

5=Countryside over city
The country bumpkin in me absolutely adores the fresh , crisp air of the seaside coastlines or the picturesque  green fields meeting the perfect blue sky in the heart of the England countryside. Everybody loves a city break filled with history and culture, but if I had to choose a place to stay it would be the countryside! There is nothing more perfect than waking up in a serene and calm location without the hustle and bustle of taxis, trains and transport. Most people my age would turn their noses up at a countryside get away, but I couldn’t think of anything more lovely! Get your camera out and take photos you could never dream of in the city!

image1 (4)
In the middle of nowhere and loving it!

6= Gatsby Goals.
I have said it before and I will say it again. I definitely feel that I was born in the wrong time. If I had a time machine it would take me back to a Jay Gatsby party with a flapper dress and bright red lips instead of these high waisted, bum out shorts and those jelly shoes you wore when you were 5! Of course I would arrive to the party with my BFF Marilyn Monroe. Yes Marilyn would have only been 4 at the time of the party and no I don’t have a time machine, but I always felt like that era suited me perfectly and if they did miraculously invent a time machine you know where I will be!

image1 (3)
Even though this was only for fancy-dress , it was so exciting to be a 20’s girl!

7= Back to the 80’s
The awesome 80’s created some of the best music, film and television ever! Where would we be now without Only Fools and Horses, Topgun and Bon Jovi? I suppose if that time machine was built I would make a stop in the 80’s too and get my disco leggings and wild hair ready! I think some people in this generation literally have no idea how many amazing things emerged from the 80’s.



2 thoughts on “Born in the wrong time: 7 reasons why you don’t belong in the 90’s generation!

  1. You couldn’t have written that any better Rachel. .. I agree with you on every single point. The last one about the 80s… 👌 spot on ☺☺

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