Make-up: from clueless to cruelty-free

Careless and clueless


Going up the escalator to the beauty floor always gave me a little flutter of excitement in my stomach. The make-up glistening like precious gemstones in the luminous , iridescent lights is displayed so beautifully with the perfect arrays of colours which always seems to call my name.  I used to ask myself: where do I look first? Do I really need more make-up? What shade of lipstick shall I go for this time considering I have every shade known to man? These questions used to be the pinnacle questions I would ask myself when treating myself to a shiny new product. I would buy from any counter, from any store with a careless and ignorant attitude. The Selfridges make-up department would literally give me butterflies; like the butterflies you feel before you go on your favourite ride or before you open a present at Christmas. Before me there were endless products waiting for me to test the colours and to try on. As a girl who adores make-up this was heaven on earth. But then something changed…

Little did I know.

I have always loved animals and have always supported animal welfare. However, it wasn’t until I opened my eyes and looked into the beauty products I was buying, that I acknowledged the disgraceful events leading up to the creation of the perfect pink lipstick or the most flawless foundation. With a sudden change of perspective, I began to research deeper into the products I was purchasing and putting onto my skin and body; not only make-up and creams, but make-up brushes also. It has always been common knowledge that animal testing exists, but most of us put it to the back of our mind and pretend it isn’t real. We are all guilty of this. If it isn’t hurting you or affecting you, then it isn’t happening. BUT IT IS! So many animals are tortured, mistreated and monstrously harmed in the making of make-up! What I saw and what I continue to see will stay with me for the rest of my life. The butterflies and excitement I had once felt for make-up disappeared along with my respect for certain brands. 

Is it worth it?

From then on, I found myself asking different questions when I arrived at the make-up counters. Not the questions of which product in what shade? The questions ringing alarm bells at the fore-front of my brain, were the ones that questioned the nature and production of the make-up. Has this been involved in the testing on animals? Did a blameless rabbit have an awful life because of this product? arrival in the make-up department suddenly seemed restricting and the butterflies I once felt were replaced with disappointment. The counters still seemed glorious and glamorous , but the sparkling lights that lit up the stands seemed false and dishonest. How could I buy from them knowing the dark history to the products? Instead of getting stuck into the searching for a new, fabulous product, I would stand and investigate which counters I could use that were cruelty-free. It went a little like this:

  1. I wonder if they test on animals?

  2. Look on their website or ask sales assistant to have the response of “We don’t directly test on animals but our ingredients are tested.” Meaning that the brand does not conduct the testing of their product on animals, however the ingredients that are in the product have been tested on the innocent animals.

  3. Right, next one. I wonder if they test?

  4. Look on their website or ask the sales assistant and neither have any information in regards to whether the product has been tested.

  5. Repeat 1-4.

It would take an incredibly long time to find a counter or section of make-up I felt comfortable using. I was so surprised to discover the amount of brands that are not cruelty free! It actually disgusted me to think that these brands were actively selling a product that had been involved with the torturing of innocent creatures. It clicked that even the most flattering foundation or the most amazing lengthening mascara was not worth what those guiltless animals had been through. From then on I swore to only buy cruelty-free and to live as cruelty-free as I could! You can too!

It isn’t hard to turn cruelty-free!

The EU has banned the testing of cosmetics on animals, but countries outside of the EU continue to test. Although there is progress towards the worldwide banning of animal testing, it is STILL happening. I believe that if you love make-up, you should be aware of what the product production entails! It is possible to turn your make-up bag and beauty drawer cruelty free in a small amount of time.There are many brands that I have discovered are cruelty-free; some are affordable high-street brands and others are counter based brands in department stores (which I will be listing in another post). Certain products will have a cruelty-free logo or look on brand websites/social media pages. If you cannot find any information you can use the following site to give you some guidance: .

Make-up shopping excites me once more!

The worst part about changing your beauty buying from careless to cruelty-free is the realization that there are innocent animals living a life of hell for the sake of our vanity. I felt terribly guilty for all of those years I purchased cruel brands, not understanding how my purchase acted as an acceptance of the testing on animals.
Once the guilty conscience had eased, I began to love make-up shopping again. Only this time cruelty-free. The excitement and butterflies I had lost for make-up soon came fluttering back! 



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