Beauty Products my fur babies approve of! (Cruelty-Free Glossary Part 1)

A few of my cruelty-free faves that my fur babies also approve of! 

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post that briefly described my make-up enlightenment: from cruel to cruelty-free. I will be honest in saying that at first I struggled. Once you have a set make-up routine with your trusty favourites, it really is hard to find alternative products. But once I started my research and sampled different cruelty-free make-up brands I found a new bunch of favourites in no time at all! I love nothing more than discovering a new product to use. I am not saying I know every single product, and I still have to search online in the middle of the beauty aisle to see if a product has been involved in testing. I love buying make-up. My friends are the worst influences ever and always encourage me to buy more (even though I am probably an even bigger influence on them.) So, to sometimes justify to my boyfriend why I have bought more make-up I simply say “it is for research purposes!” It works a treat! Yes, some of the products may not suit everyone or you may simply just not like the product, but the ones I will list below work fabulously for me and are products my fur babies approve of . I would love to be able to say I have influenced somebody to buy a cruelty-free product and in turn, hear them say “I have thrown my mascara/lipstick/blusher away as I have found a cruelty-free alternative.” Even if you make small changes, you are doing wonders for the animal world! 

(I can get dry skin and do have sensitive skin especially around my eyes, so all of what I list works fine with my skin types.) 

  1. Urban Decay Lipstick in shade “Bad Blood.”

This lipstick is my ultimate red! With a blue undertone this works wonders for a night out. I am always skeptical about wearing deep reds with striking eye make-up, but this seems to go with any look! For those looking for a bus-stop red, then this is not the shade for you. It is deep, dark and dreamy! When applying this lipstick, it can get a tad tricky : you need the concentration of a tattoo artist. If it goes out of you lip line it can be hard to correct. BUT DO NOT LET THIS SCARE YOU! Just apply with a small lip brush and all is fine. Plus , I find that it sits nicer if applied with a brush. Another tip would be to apply a clear lip liner (or a colour of your choice) beforehand to give it a bit of a barrier.
(Since I purchased this, I am pretty sure the packaging has been changed but it is still the exact same lipstick).

  1.  OGX Shampoo and Conditioner 

The best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used : no lie! Throughout the years, I have tried many different hair products. Always being promised glorious hair on the front of the bottle, I used to love buying new shampoos and conditioners! In hindsight , I was most definitely naive when it came to the snappy slogans and bright colours on the bottle. I don’t particularly find washing my hair fun, so buying new products always had me excited to give it a good lather! Ultimately, I did this for nothing. My hair did not smell like they said it would. My hair did not shine like the sun. My hair did not have any extra volume. Frankly my hair never felt nourished and hydrated! I will not lie and say that because of OGX products my hair is now worthy of being in an advert. It doesn’t miraculously grow longer because of using it. BUT, it does feel softer than it ever has. The smell never dulls! This is a perfect positive for me as there is nothing more refreshing than the smell of coconuts or lemons hitting your senses as the wind catches you hair! It is a long-lasting bottle ; depending on how often you wash your hair. I wash mine around 3-4 times a week and sometimes more if I have events or special occasions. I have tried salon products before (not all but some) and these have not worked for me! My best friend spent £30-£40 on a specific salon range and she hated how it made her hair feel! For the money, OGX is absolutely brilliant!

3.Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in shade “Moon Beach.” 

Now, I am not one to over-exaggerate (okay some may beg to differ) but this stick is my pride and joy! After already purchasing too much make-up that day, my best friend and I accidentally (on purpose) ended up at Charlotte’s stand. Watching Jade pick up a gorgeous eye-shadow to buy, I knew I had to buy something. After all it wasn’t fair for me to feel like I had missed out! I had wanted a creamy blush after only really owning powders. At the time there were 4 shades to choose from ; all of which were enticing. I decided to go with “Moon Beach” because I just couldn’t decide. Once I got home I tried to the stick on and that is when I knew I had found a forever product! It glides on so easily on both bare skin or over foundation. It is subtle yet build-able. I normally opt to not wear this when I intend on wearing heavy make-up as I wouldn’t want it to be wasted or lost beneath the excessive amount of highlighter I use on a night out! But for a more understated look , this beach stick is incredible! It looks gorgeous with a hint of highlighter over the top or just above where you have blended. I must also mention the smell. Make-up doesn’t tend to smell of much , but this has a lovely chocolaty essence to it which may add to the pleasure of putting it on! At £30.00 this isn’t the cheapest but if you want a product that lasts and feels luxurious on your skin , then this is the one! 

4.Barry M Glowmance Soft Focus Cream.

For £5.99 you can’t go wrong with this cream. Either worn alone for a discrete glow or under foundation, it does the job right. It isn’t the best cream I have used for priming but it ticks all the boxes of what a primer should do. I only wore this once or twice on its own and it does give a nice natural sheen. The texture is lovely and spreads nicely over the face! It doesn’t leave your fingers caked with make-up either. I hate priming creams that make you feel blocked up before you have even started with the foundation! But this feels nice and fresh on your face. Barry M do a few various priming creams so I will be looking forward to trying some more! 


  1. The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream. 

I will hold my hand up and say I honestly don’t really have a skin care routine. But what I can say is that the products I do own for my skin are all mainly from The Body Shop. Proud ambassadors against cruelty, shopping here is so easy for me! Although I will be experimenting with other creams, this one is perfect for everyday use. I only use cream on my face once I have showered as I find this is when my skin is the driest. You do not need much of this cream as it does spread evenly. I only happened to try this product as my local branch had a sale on the mini products. Therefore I got three of the pots for different reasons: one to take on trips; one to keep at home and one to leave at my boyfriends. I have recently been on three trips and this was perfect to  travel with! I will definitely buy this product again. (Since I purchased the 15ml pots, the packaging has changed.) 

Every time you buy cruelty-free instead of a product supporting animal testing, you are helping towards the movement against testing! You may not see it, but every little helps. In a perfect world, no brands would test. That is what will happen if people make these changes! Thanks for reading, I shall be back with more make up my fur babies love! 



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