Cruelty-Free Beauty Saviours To Beat The Eternal Winter Weather

Sitting down to write this post, a huge confusion bestowed upon me, thwarting my perception of time.  Looking out of the window to what should have been the first day of Spring, was in fact an intimidatingly ominous haze of snow being violently pushed around by a seemingly cyclonic wind!  Powerlessly, the withered trees, rocked back and forth catching and releasing snow in all directions. The delicate lilac buds on the branches outside of my window, turned upside down in an almost desperate plea to be saved from the blustery bitterness! Desperate for warmth and sun, they hang lifelessly. This also rings true for me. Like the lilac buds, I long for the fresh spring mornings where light floods through the gaps in your blinds, motivating you to leave your bed and seize the day. (Apologies for the descriptive nature commentary, blame the literature loving, creative writer in me.) As well as leaving you feeling a tad tiresome and drained, I find the wintry weather battles not only my sanity, but my hair and skin also! Apart from the products you swear by no matter what the weather, some parts of my beauty regime have to swap and change in order to help my hair and skin survive the harsh elements. Here are my ultimate favourites to turn to when the weather takes its toll….

FullSizeRender (16)

Forever in this coat lately! Bring on the warmer jacket weather. 


1. Soap & Glory Hand Food (£5.50)

I had a brilliant bargain with this product: I received it as a gift. So you can imagine my delight when I discovered this magical product that arrived under the Christmas tree: quite literally a Christmas miracle. At first, I didn’t know Soap and Glory were against animal testing, so I was incredibly excited to try this cream. It wasn’t until just after Christmas that my hands began to crack and become dry. I put it down to walking the dogs with no gloves on (which is my own fault, whoops!) However, as a dog owner you get used to walks in all weathers. I now make it my mission to have gloves to hand (quite literally) wherever I go. Although wearing gloves in the cold will help prevent the sore hands long term, sometimes you just need instant relief. That is what this product gives! Besides smelling utterly gorgeous, this product instantly soothes the hands and gives it a comforting layer against the harsh elements your hands face whether it be colossally cold or wonderfully warm.  And no, holding a hot tea on the dog walk or a tasty mulled wine with the girls doesn’t help protect your hands unfortunately….

My hand saviour!
Using the tea to keep me warm is not going to prevent dry hands unfortunately!
The mulled wine doesn’t work either…. but tastes delicious!
photostudio_1520186738261 (1)
Tea and my boy are the best combination!


2. The Body Shop: Aloe Soothing Rescue Cream-Mask (£11).

If it wasn’t for a wonderful 40% off Black Friday offer, I may not have purchased this gem.  I have always got room in my beauty boxes for aloe based products. Initially, for some unexplained reason, I didn’t actually read the label properly when I first popped it into my lovely little wicker basket. Funnily enough, the store assistant began complimenting the product and explained how it should be used effectively. Apply this cream as often as you feel it is needed; particularly for dry and tired skin that craves an injection of life! I apply a small amount of cream and let it soak into my face and neck overnight. Washing off in the morning, I find my skin appears revitalised and soft. From using this product a couple of times a week during this harsh weather, I have not had to use as much day cream or if any. Soothingly, this cream helps in the battle against not only the bitterly cold air, but protects against the effects of indoor heating which is commonly known to dry out skin.



3.Coconut oil- You can buy coconut oil from a variety of places.

It had been going for at least 12 months before I finally boarded the coconut oil train. My social media went coconut oil obsessed and at first, I believed it to be a phase. It wasn’t until I used it to cook with that I understood what the coconut craze was all about. Being a worshipper of anything coconut scented or flavoured , I knew it couldn’t hurt to try it out within my hair regime. Besides, the worst that could happen would be for my hair to smell like coconut. Who doesn’t want to smell a Hawaiian paradise whenever they flick their hair? Initially, I put 3 teaspoons into the microwave but found that the oil came out too hot. Impatiently, I did not want to wait so I found an alternative method to heating. Place as much as you need into a small heatproof pot and place into a bowl of boiling water. Stirring it throughout, the oil melts slowly and evenly whilst remaining at a safe temperature for you scalp. Once the oil has melted, take a small amount in your hand and work it into your roots followed by the rest of your hair. I always leave a small amount of oil to use solely for the ends of my hair.  It is a superbly simple method to giving your hair that extra boost when it feels flat and dry, leaving my hair feeling nourished and soft.



  1. The Body Shop: Lip Care Translucent (£8.50)

By the time I reached this product, I am starting to think I should reconsider the blog post title. Instead it should be focused on the bargains I have come across during this intense, bleak weather. This diamond of a product was also stumbled upon during my Black Friday browsing! There is nothing more satisfying than buying a great quality product with a discount on top. Although the lip care stick is translucent, it leaves a sheer finish that makes the lips look healthy and supple. Out of everything, my lips suffer the most in the cold weather and harshness of central heating. I love to wear lip colours, but when my lips are dry, the finished look is simply disappointing. Applying this lip care makes the lips feel nourished with just the right amount of moisture. I often wear this at work or before bed, or when I want a minimal, natural look.  Right now, I cannot find this product. I have searched for it high and low: my lips are desperately in need of it! Looks like I will have to make another trip to The Body Shop for another lip care stick and anything else that may slip into my basket….


Well at least the cold weather is good for one thing: cute snowy dog walks!

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