Cruelty-Free Summer Skin

Caring for your skin this summer doesn’t have to cost the earth OR most importantly, cost the lives of innocent animals. Browsing the aisles of Boots and Superdrug, I am like a magpie drawn to shimmering jewellery, I am always pulled towards skincare. New products are released faster than the speed of light nowadays and there are always new incentives to buy a product. We are swamped with skin-care promises: amazing anti-ageing; glow like a goddess; soft, supple skin that babies would be envious of and clears up spots in seconds.  BUT, realistically, there is no magic cream or serum for your skin although some come close. It is fun to experiment with new products, but I am a loyal beauty girl when it comes to routine – in this case, summer routine. These are the products I LOVE when the sun starts to beam down (even if only for a week in England).

  1. Solait Moistursing Sun Lotion Mini SPF 30 High 100ml -£3.49

    Of course the first summer saviour has to be suncream. Who would dream of ambling or baking in the sun with no suncream on? Regardless of country, sun strength or the wind speed, you still need suncream! This product is UVA 5 stars and blends evenly and easily.  Although I like to have a specific face cream, you can pop this on to avoid walking around like Sebastian from The Little Mermaid! Out of all the beauty products you love to apply during the summer, SPF should always be number 1.


  1. Superdrug Vitamin E Hydration Mist 150ml £3.49

    The vitamin E range from Superdrug has become a prominent fixture within my skincare drawer. They are lightweight, inexpensive products that do as they say on the packaging without breaking the bank. Superdrug regularly have offers on, so you can normally pick more than one product up for a bargain! Anyway, back to the good stuff. During the summer, this mist is a complete GAME CHANGER! On the hottest days on record this year, the mist was the equivalent of jumping in a tropical lagoon after walking through a horrendously hot and humid jungle. It feels like cold water on your face but with the added bonus of protection against environmental damage. I also love to use this product when I need a little boost on those tiresome Monday mornings.


  1. Superdrug Vitamin E SPF15 Moisturising Cream 100ml – £3.49

    Another favourite of mine is also from the Vitamin E range in Superdrug. What I look for in a daily moisturiser, is the protection it gives against environmental damage and the inclusion of SPF. This is both in one. Regardless of whether the sun is out, your skin is susceptible to damage throughout the year. (During winter, I normally add another moisturiser as my skin is drier.) This is affordable, lightweight and you can normally get buy one get one ½ price in Superdrug. So why not pick up this cream with the hydration mist? You won’t regret it!


  1. St.Tropez Instant Tan Finishing Gloss £12.00

    A little secret- I only bought this as it was being sold off in a clearance for 50p. Now if that isn’t a bargain I don’t know what is! I’m not someone who has to be tanned all year round. I mean, lets face it, for the majority of the year our bodies are covered in scarfs, jumpers and boots anyway! BUT, when my legs eventually make an appearance during the summer months or for evenings out, this finishing gloss is the perfect product for giving you that subtle, yet noticeable bronzed look. I find that many tanning products don’t take to my legs as well as this product. I can go from paler than a magnolia wall, to sunkissed within just a couple of layers of the gloss. If you want a dark, striking tan then this isn’t the one for you. This little gem from St.Tropez is perfect for enhancing a tan or building a subtle, golden glow.


  1. Bondi Sands Gloss Finishing GLO 100ml – £9.99

    As much as I love the St.Tropez Finishing Cream, this summer favourite is probably one in which I couldn’t be without in my skin drawer. Whilst I love to use St.Tropez-especially on my legs- this little treasure from Bondi Sands looks incredibly gorgeous on the upper body. It gives a beautifully shimmering, sunkissed glow. In homage to its name, it literally makes you glow. Initially, I was apprehensive about the size of the tube and whether I would get my moneys worth out of it but the cream spreads far and doesn’t take a lot of maintenance when covering the particular area of your skin. I panic purchased this before a summer trip to Amsterdam. I didn’t want to be wearing skirts with milk bottle legs but then I didn’t want to be unnaturally orange either. Honestly, I cannot recommend this product enough for the perfect Bondi Beach glow.


  1. Superdrug Solait Tan Prolonger- 200ml (Unable to find product link, see below)

    I thought I’d been lucky enough to find the St.Tropez Finishing Gloss for 50p, but my luck was not over there! I happened to stroll by the tanning products in Superdrug and the clearance sign lured me in once again. This time, it was the Solait Tan Prolonger. Although I loved my 50p bargain, I would pay full price for this- 100%! I have tried many gradual tans over time and this is by far the best! It seems to blend well into my skin and colour is noticeable within a few applications. I use this every other day throughout the summer to give me a subtle colour but I use everyday for a week before a specific event. Oh and it smells lush too!



*Superdrug Solait Moisturising Sun Lotion Mini SPF30 High 100ml-

*Superdrug Vitamin E SPF15 Moisturising Cream 100ml –

*Superdrug Vitamin E Hydrating Miss 150ml –

*St.Tropez Instant Tan Finishing Gloss 100ml –

*Bondi Sands Gloss Finishing Glo 100ml- Bondi Sands Gloss Finishing GLO –

*Superdrug Solait Tan Prolonger
As I completed this blog post and began to find links for the products, I had trouble finding this product on the Superdrug website. I really hope it hasn’t been discontinued. But I am sure Superdrug offer something similar-  

*Prices based off brand websites. They may vary in different stores.
* I purchased all of these from a Superdrug store.













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