New Year, New Me? OR New Year, Start Again?

At the chime of midnight on the fence between December 31st and 1st January, it seems as though people are magically transported into a new dimension or miraculously altered like Cinderella’s twinkling transformation on the dot of the minute hand striking the 12.
In all honesty, I am a flitter. I am this person mentioned above. I am the believer in a new start and a fresh canvas. BUT, can it be hard to leave the previous year behind the new year door? How hard is it to keep 2019 worries and woes from following you? Maybe you don’t want to forget the negative parts of the year as they made you stronger somehow. Of course, there are the memories that you don’t want to forget- the ride along moments that you wish to carry with you throughout every new year door.

I have every intention of achieving my glorious goals for 2020. For the first few weeks I am more determined than Superman to tick off the listed wishes for the year. Aside from the enjoyment of beginning to write in your brand, new, sparkly journal you had for Christmas, the satisfaction of completing a goal is more than uplifting- it adds more motivation! This year, I aim to write more. I have set aside time for it. But what if life gets in the way? Is this just an excuse? I also want to build up my fitness and meditate more. Why can’t I do this? I want to look back next January and think “you CAN achieve your goals, as you’ve done it before.”

Although an extremely short blog for me, I wanted my motivation to be uploaded for the blogging world to see so I have to commit to my 2020 goals!


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