A Sprinkle of Positivity

I was woken up today. I was woken up today by something other than my alarm. I am an early bird, but this was even earlier than my body clock. What could have possibly intruded my sleep at such an hour you ask? Cascading through the window, dapples of orange and pink light shimmered onto the sheets. Like a laser, the sunrise had begun its morning mission to beam through the paper-thin gaps within the bedroom blinds to rouse me from my slumber. For a moment, I was stuck on the bridge between being awake and in a dream like state. It was as if the sunrise lured me away from my dreams and wanted me to witness its daily job in all its glory. Now- four hours later- it has risen to its highest point and the pastel pinks and purples have succumbed to the beautiful blues of the midday sky. Although I was woken up abruptly early, I was reminded of the gratitude and compassion that we should try to withhold in daily life.

Naturally,in current times, the world wakes up to the murky mixture of feelings – apprehension, uncertainty and anxiety. We are all entitled to feel nervous and anxious during periods of crisis and emergency. These feelings are valid and shared.
I know NHS workers that battle this war throughout their exhaustive shifts, who then go home and have to try to rest before the countdown until their next 12 hours on duty. I know retail workers, policemen, lorry drivers, teachers and many others who are battling the same war in different ways, striving to assist the public in anyway possible. I also know those who suffer from being isolated alone, with their loneliness and mental health of concern to their loving family members. Although I am in no way medically trained and claim no expertise on this current issue (like Voldemort, we shall not name it), I am aware of the magnanimous scale of teamwork and sacrifice that has been displayed and shared by all of the heroes fighting this battle.


 If I can do anything and be of a contribution in any way, I would love to offer some tips that have worked for me during this unknown period. If this blog post helps to sprinkle a drop of positivity on even one person, then that is wonderful. If after reading this, you feel like a snippet of your grey cloud is brightened, then that is incredible.

  1. Observe nature and its many, magnificent ways. Nature is how we can exist: the rock that makes this sphere called Earth; the powerful water that flows beside the land; the trees that make our oxygen so we can breathe; the sunlight and its many palette of colours that reminds us of new beginnings and the rain that feeds our plants, animals and crops.
  2. Gaze at the animals that surround you every day. You might not notice how beautiful they are: the snow-white swans who elegantly glide across the canals; the amazing array of birds that land in your garden or windowsill whistling their charming tune; the deer that graze gracefully amongst the woodland paths; the joyful pets that give you so much loyalty and love; the cautious foxes who emerge in the dusky light; the cheeky gulls with their shrill calls soaring above any slight possibility of food; the silent snail who carries his portable delicate home on his back; the buzzing bee spreading life throughout your gardens and forests; the resourceful pigeons who await any droplets of food next to your ankles; the swift sparrow hawk soaring against the backdrop of the towering trees; the honourable horses who stand with their tails swishing in the breeze; the sheep placed around the patchwork fields like fluffy clouds. The list goes on.


  3. Find an exercise that works for you. I love to dance -not skillfully- so this brings me both the elements of fun and fitness. Jogging is also a fantastic way to rest your mind and to take in the nature around you. (Following guidelines etc).
  4. Know that every time the sunrises and sunsets, it is another day that you could be fulfilling. Live productively and enjoy as many of the moments in your day that you can! 
  5. Plan a video call with your family or friends and keep in touch! Myself and my friends have planned some lovely Facetime calls and quizzes online. Being isolated does not been you are disconnected.
  6. Make a list of all the lovely things you will do when this storm is over. Start with the simple things that you so often take for granted.
  7. Work towards the weekend like you would do at work, but remembering to enjoy life in the moment too.
  8. Make a Caribbean cocktail on a Friday night and play cards like you would on holiday! Or pop a bottle of prosecco open and talk about the stars, your family history, your future, hilarious times you’ve shared and end the night with a game.
  9. Remember, that there are people who would dream of having the things you do. (That is not intended to make our individual problems seem any less important, as we all have our own issues and heartaches.)
  10. Spend time with your pets! They are the best escapism!
  11. Research something that you have always wanted to learn about. I love history so I am going to spend some time doing more research into WW1, WW2 and The Tudors.
  12. De-clutter areas of the home and decide what could go to charity.
  13. Every morning, find a positive quote to make you smile.
  14. Watch a Disney film and sing along to the magical music! 
  15. Show those in your life how much you love and appreciate them.
  16. Offer those working on the front line, any help and support that they may need. Your sprinkle of positivity can be spread!
  17. Morning meditation on YouTube! I do 5 minute videos as they are the perfect morning fix.
  18. READ! This is my ultimate escapism.
  19. Write, paint , colour, do puzzles. Keep your mind occupied!
  20. If you are working from home, try to mimic your working hours. So eat lunch when you would normally etc.
  21. Write in a daily gratitude journal. What are you grateful for today?
  22. Be kind. Support one another. Have compassion. Love one another. 


The list could go on. Take notice of the simple things. They may seem small, but they have a HUGE place in our lives. Love and share your positivity whenever possible.Sprinkle it everywhere like gold dust! There will be a light at the end of this tunnel.



Rachelizabethblogs xx




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