Beside The Seaside

We all have a happy place. Most of mine consist of where my loved ones and animals are, but if we are talking geographically then I have a handful. I adore strolling through the countryside, stopping for a tea and cake. Pottering on a Sunday with my partner debating where to go for lunch. Sitting in a coffee shop reading a book, escaping into the world that the words create.
BUT. If I had to choose, it’d be anywhere where the land meets the water. Anywhere the ocean is, my happy place exists. There are certain beaches that hold more memories. Beaches where every step in the sand is a sentimental reminder of days gone by.

If it was possible to bottle the feeling of being beside the sea, then I would be drinking infinitely. Rough or calm, it is still as captivating. The water reminds me of human emotions- you know how they can change and turn within a split second? Powerful, proud and slightly angry, the waves crash against the rocks, alerting those on land of its magnanimous presence. Yet, at the drop of a hat it can be as still as painting – graceful, elegant and hopeful.
For hours I have sat and watched the water racing up to the shore, each droplet hoping to beat its neighbor in travelling the furthest up the land. It scurries towards your feet, greets you and is pulled back in to create new stories beneath the surface.
Every beach, ocean and sea are intricately detailed in their own way: some have jagged cliffs looming over them; others are the epitome of paradise with their crystal clear blue waters; some are surrounded by excitable tourist towns full of ice cream shops and chip shops and others exist on the edge of the earth, where many have never ventured far enough to find.
The beach will always have my heart, but here are the ones that are the most memorable for numerous reasons.


  1. Marmaris Beach, Turkey
    This beautiful beach has added value as it was my first sunny holiday with my partner. We were blown away by the shimmering blue water that was surrounded by cascading green hills, almost as if they were there to frame the sea before us.

    Marmaris Beach, Turkey

   2.  Guardalavaca, Cuba
Golden sands, shallow shores and palm trees dotted around providing slight shade from the midday sun, what else does a beach need? Oh, cocktails. We had plenty of those whilst looking at this view……



  1. Saundersfoot Beach, Wales

You can never beat Wales in my eyes – for anything. Holidays, walks and coastlines. Wales has a special place in my heart regardless. This beach is the perfect place to spend your Sunday with friends and family. My friends and I stayed in Whitland and spent the day on this beach getting over-excited about rounders and chips! A gloriously sandy beach, surrounded by a charming, atmospheric town.


  1. Cayo Saetía Island, Cuba
    Picture paradise in your mind. Transparent, turquoise water that elegantly wanders upon the glorious, golden sands of the island. The gentle breeze brushes against the luscious palm leaves that sway to and fro, lifting the coconuts and releasing their scent. Behind the beach, stands a rugged rock edge that is home to an array of tropical plants. Within the dry and sun-kissed grass, iridescent iguanas amble around calmly, reflecting the mood of the island. Have you pictured paradise? Then you have pictured this island. I long to return here and bask in the tranquil waters beneath the scorching, shimmering sun.


IMG_0853 - Copy (2)
Cayo Saetía Island, Cuba
IMG_0802 - Copy (2)
Cayo Saetía Island, Cuba
IMG_0780 (2)
Cayo Saetía Island, Cuba
IMG_0769 (2)
Cayo Saetía Island, Cuba


  1. Barmouth, Wales
    There is one beach however, that I don’t even think paradise could beat for me. Along Barmouth beach, there are memories in every grain of sand and within every stretch of the rolling dunes. Growing up, the beaches in Barmouth and further out, were the highlight of my summers. Still to this day, we visit and every time I feel an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. But even more powerfully, I feel that my heart is telling me that I am home. Family and adored dogs of ours have meandered this beach for many decades and it will always be the seaside of sentimentality for me. We treasure the memories and to my family and I, it is more than our happy place. It is home.



Where is your favourite beach?

Love Rachelizabethblogs x






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