A Cruelty-Free Night In


An Italian restaurant without pasta?! A bottomless brunch without prosecco?! Madness!! So is a night in without these cruelty-free beauty products.

  • Nights out are undeniably fun. Dancing the night away holding a rum and coke wearing your favourite pair of somewhat comfy heels, as the DJ fires away tune after tune! It is true- dancing is good for the soul, and I can dance all night. BUT amongst many other aspects of life, being a busy bee or a social butterfly can require a desperate dose of self-care! We cannot be of any use to another being, if we aren’t setting aside time to nurture and care for ourselves. In order to do this guilt-free, my self-care evening will only consist of cruelty-free beauty items that don’t break the bank! The CRUCIAL steps of a self-care night in are as follows:
  • Shower and bathe with your favourite playlist in the background.
  • Light at least two phenomenally fragranced candles*.
  • Grab a cup of tea, hot chocolate or a TALL glass of wine.
  • Hair back in a soft scrunchie.
  • Read, watch a rom-com or dance around the room like nobody’s watching. It is rather refreshing dancing around in Disney pyjamas and fluffy unicorn socks than tight jeans and needle thin heels!
  • Hair and face mask.
  • Write a list of what you wish to achieve the following day/week/year to end the evening feeling productive (that is if you are able to, depending on your drink selection).

But none of the above can be achieved without my trusted beauty sidekicks. Here is the list of cruelty-free products that are essential to my self-care night in.

There is nothing more refreshing than a good lathered soap being scrubbed all over your body to wash the day away! My favourites are Original Source shower gel as they smell insane or The Body Shop bar soap as I love how there is no plastic packaging with this.

Also, I never feel like I’ve had a fulfilling shower if I don’t use a loofah! You waste much less soap and it foams like a dream.

The Body Shop and Original Source 

2. Shampoo and Conditioner will be in another blog coming soon!!

3. Hair mask heaven
There are so many masks out there that are most likely all fabulous. But I tend to stick to the two that work for me. I always find hair masks have a teething period where you must discover how much to put in and where to apply etc. My initial application of the Shea Moisture Leave in Masque, I put in a truck load and I spent two days washing it out. BUT! I learned how much to use and now I wouldn’t use anything else. My other go to hair pick me up is good old coconut oil! I use about 1.5 teaspoons and pop into a plastic tub. Then I fill a ceramic bowl with boiling water. I place the plastic tub with the oil on top of the boiling water, so it rests gently. You do not need much boiling water at all! Stir the oil as it melts. DO NOT microwave your oil – it burns your scalp. I mainly use this on the ends of my hair as I find it too greasy for my roots. But I can tell a great difference once washed off!
Pop either of your masques on, chill out and wash off in the morning!

Pull your hair back with a clip or a soft scrunchie (wash your scrunchie after if you have a masque in).

SAM_0785 (2)
Coco Loco and Shea Moisture 
(Peach and black spotty scrunchies are from an ebay shop: https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/alannahsaccessories
2x animal print and beige scrunchie from Primark)


4.Face time!
If you don’t like to use face masques, as I know sometimes people can find them too heavy, then pop on your normal moisturiser! The Superdrug Vitamin E also do a night cream which I love so you could use something like this.
For a cool, refreshing mask, you cannot beat The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Rescue Cream Mask. I apply this before bed once or twice a week and it literally sinks into your skin. It isn’t oily, cakey or drying. It is that invisible, I sometimes forget to wash it off in the morning.
I also can have breakouts of eczema around my eyes, so I try to not alter my face skincare often. This is perfect for people with sensitive skin! A complete dream in a tub!

Superdrug and The Body Shop

5.Head to toe!
Don’t forget to butter your body using The Body Shop moisturisers. Get that skin feeling silky smooth. It’ll boost your mood I assure you!

The Body Shop 

6.Heavenly hands
I get it, hands are so easy to forget when undergoing a self-care night in. BUT they are at the forefront of everything we do. They are our tools!
My go to hand creams are any of The Body Shop, Superdrug or Sanctuary Spa ranges.

Sanctuary Spa 

7.Last but not least LIPS
The lips are so important – they’re what we use to drink our night in wine!
I try to exfoliate my lips the night before an event, so they are fresh and luscious.
Then, I apply lip balm throughout the day – daily.

The Body Shop Born Lippy Pot Lip Balm-Strawberry and Primark Lip Exfoliator Stick 

Let me know what cruelty-free products you use in your self-care night in routine!

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