Umberto Giannini Review: Grow Long Hair Products


Some may call me a hair care hoarder, but I call myself a hair care detective. I am constantly researching or seeking out new hair products that will work in perfect harmony with my blonde barnett.  Over the years, my agenda for purchasing hair care has altered. We all want the perfectly conditioned, cover girl locks that glisten in the sunlight and feel smoother than satin to touch. However, as well as this slightly impossible task, I now must quench the thirst of dry hair as well as maintaining the highlights. I can never get my hair feeling as bouncy and healthy as after my hairdresser has had her hands on it, but I can try to keep it in good condition. Remember your hair needs feeding like your skin: it needs moisture, love and TLC!
I stumbled upon a brand one day and I am grateful that I did. On top of my regular hair masks, the Umberto Giannini products are the closest I will get to the fairy tale feeling in my hair. Although it doesn’t give me long locks like Rapunzel or hair like Pocahontas that dazzles in the daylight, it works for me. Once you find that close to perfect combination don’t give it up! These products may not have the same effect on your hair, but even so, there are a generous amount of reasons why you should give this brand a go!


    Forever and always my top priority for one reason. If it harms animals in the process, I am not buying it. There won’t be one good point, let alone a second. Simple. Umberto Giannini proudly advertise their products as being cruelty-free. Once animal lovers like me know this, it means we can start sampling the product! Whether a product is cruelty free or not, is the first hurdle. The gates remain closed if it isn’t. If it is then the gates open!
    I mean, if it costs £29.99 for a shampoo alone, are you really going to buy it? Luckily for me, I don’t have that issue where you think a product is bigger in results because it is bigger in price.
  3. SMELL!
    If I could capitalise the letters one level above the standard capital letters I would. I have never known a shampoo to smell so divine!! In the past, I have almost become accustomed to the scent of a product. I become disheartened when I release the cap and my nose rejects the fragrance. However, with Umberto Giannini products, the smell will fight its way through dot you worry! The hair scrub-in particular- will never fail you for fragrance.
    Nobody gets the full pleasure from an in-shower product that doesn’t lather when wet. The foamy feeling that helmets your hair, making you look like a squirty cream dish is what we all want from a shampoo. All in favour say I?!
    From the shampoo to the conditioner, from the hair scalp scrub to the hair tonic, the overall finish is what I aspire to achieve. The conditioner leaves a lasting aroma to your hair that you catch whiffs of as your hair bounces on your shoulders. The hair tonic adds that extra bit of moisture to nourish your scalp and growth. The scalp scrub and shampoo are the deliverers of cleanliness and revival.


Bravo Umberto!





I use the Grow Long range and bought a package called ‘The Longer Hair Collection’ that included:
1. Grow Scrub Vegan Exfoliating Scalp Scrub
2.Grow Long Vegan Root Stimulating Shampoo
3. Grow Long Vegan Lengthening Conditioner
4. Grow Tonic Vegan Transformative Treatment





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