Earth & Us.


It is sometimes a perplexing thought, that our entire existence and the millions of moments within our lives, are all centred on a spherical mass of blue and green. Earth.

Life is short. We move forward on the timeline of our life every-day, whilst the Earth continues to turn. Our lives can hit a magnanimous wall, that brings inexplicable pain and heartache, yet the Earth continues to turn. We experience joy, thrills, adventures, and the Earth still turns. Amidst an incredibly awful and unnerving pandemic, the Earth still turns. Throughout harrowing and devastating warfare, the Earth still turns. Nature, has always, and will always be our maker. Our keeper. It prevails us. It is the deliverer of hope and new beginnings. We are born, we live, our time is complete. Whilst we leave sentimental imprints on our loved ones, we are but a microscopic drop of sand on the shore of Earth’s existence. Humans -a part of nature also- are often under the deluded impression that we are the most powerful force on this planet.  But, how can we come close to the beautifully enigmatic complexities of mother nature that exist right in front of us every day.

Earth and her force of nature controls it all:

  1. The inky black, midnight sky where the magnificent moon stands watch whilst the sun is relieved of duty for the evening. The glow of its spherical mass of rock, illuminates areas on Earth, guiding the way for creatures of the night. Over-seeing nature in the absence of light, it scatters moon-dust in the shape of iridescent diamonds to assist him on his night-shift. Rarely seen by the human eye, he throws glistening rock party poppers through the sky that we call shooting stars.
  2. The droplet of rain that lands on your cheek as if sent by nature to say hello: nectar water sent with first class delivery from the clouds.
  3. The ever-changing air that brushes gently past your face, sending strands of hair to softly cascade over your eyes or air pressure that conjures up turbulent winds more powerful than curses from vexed mythological gods.
  4. The force of nature is present in the skies that blanket the seas and land. The nature of the sky is an artist. She paints her unique canvases along every horizon. If the artist feels agitated, the sky will be an ominous grey, where the clouds are outlined with black to show the tension of her brushstrokes. When she is joyful, the sky is the brightest of blues, with room to allow the sun to accompany her. Inspired after the mixture of raindrops and sunshine, she becomes creative, painting the sky in many shades and tones. She combines the bold colours in her palette and creates an arch over the landscape before you. When she is feeling romantic, the sky is painted in a mesmerising assortment of pastel pinks and coral oranges. Loyal to the customary uniqueness of an artist’s work, no sky is ever the same.
  5. Mother nature is in the rugged, mysterious mountains and coastal cliff sides that line the landscape. Their jagged edges and peaks, almost stretching their arms up to try and to greet the sky.
  6. It runs through bodies of water no matter how small: puddles, streams, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, seas and oceans. The water and all it may withhold beneath its surface, are brimming with nature’s force.
  7. The force of nature is in each, individual being on this planet. It is in the dolphins who spring playfully along the dancing waves of the ocean. It powers the bee who carries pollen to support the cycle of oxygen. It is running through the lion pride who wander the African plains. It is in the domestic pets we nurture every day. It lives in the feathers of the cloud-white swan who gracefully glides along the water.
  8. Nature is within us. With it, comes the power of intellect and control. It is up to us to use these powers wisely and for good. Mother nature herself has not only been present since the beginning, she IS the beginning. Though wrapped up in our whirlwind lives that are subconsciously driven by money, work, socialising and fun, we forget to acknowledge the fundamental fact that this is nature’s home: we simply inhabit.



I will never forget the moment where I realised that we have taken over nature’s world. What may seem like an ordinary encounter, struck me quite deeply.
Walking through the bustling city of London, surrounded by a man-made world of brick and cement, I noticed a chestnut brown spider racing by my feet. It pained me to see his frantic scurry to seek a safe place, when in fact there wasn’t one. He would approach a concrete pillar or the leg of a market stand and in each scenario, he was an inch from being squashed. Though not able to observe the feeling of fear in any expression, I could sense it from the movement in his fragile legs. Mini-beasts exist in vast numbers and there isn’t a day that goes by where you don’t see a fly soar past quicker then lightning or an ant climbing the fence panel. Undeniably, this sighting wasn’t out of the ordinary. But it hit me, that like the spider, nature’s world is slowly becoming smaller and more invisible. We should co-exist, without posing risks and threats to the beauty of the world around us. We can all do our bit to help support Mother Earth. Like we honour monarchs, politicians and gods, we should not be forgetting the one true power that gives us life – nature.


Stop, look and imagine your world without any of nature’s creations in it. It wouldn’t be a world at all would it?


Happy Earth day all,




Thank you to my lovely friends for allowing me to use some of their photographs!
The moon pictures were taken by Michelle Robinson.
The safari pictures were taken by Alex Bliss.



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