The Continuous Cruelty-Free Journey

In a world where animals are often our saviours, people are beginning to realise that we now need to save them.

My Cruelty free journey isn’t over yet.


Over the last few years, I have been on a cruelty-free journey. The train picked me up at “didn’t have a clue station,” passing a few learning stops before arriving at my current destination of “I am actively on it” station. Though I have learned a great deal about the immoral happenings behind the scenes of sections of the beauty industry, I still have a further journey ahead of me. My cruelty-free journey is not complete. Mirroring my journey, are the beauty brands. Within the last few years, I have observed companies making small steps away from animal testing, eventually closing the door on this outdated and unnecessary procedure. Small steps that leave big footprints.
I am aware of companies that still allow their products to be tested on animals, only just scratching the surface of their moral journey by announcing that they will be funding alternative ways to research. Although we know animal testing is NOT essential, it never has been nor ever will be, some countries require products to be tested on animals before being sold there. This baffles me. Perplexes my mind in a confusing mess of anger and idiocy. So browsing my laptop yesterday whilst researching new companies that are cruelty-free, I stumbled upon a brand that is newly free of animal testing! Alerting the consumer in me, five attractive brand logos called my name from the top left of the screen. It was the other brands that go underneath the umbrella company, along with this newly cruelty-free brand. Elated with the new policy, I was lured into a false sense of security regarding the moral policies of the other brands within the umbrella.
So 2 out of 5 of the brands are cruelty-free : not even half. 1 of which do not test, but certain countries subject their products to animal testing before being sold there. It is a grey area. A foggy, hazy, crappy grey area! The company does not condone animal testing and never has, yet the products that are sold in certain countries are tested on animals before their civilians can use them.
So this is my current stop on my learning journey….
But where does that leave me with the purchasing from the 2 companies? Does it make it immoral to buy from them? Truth be told, yes, I bought from the cruelty-free company, even though the umbrella company owns brands that cannot be classed as cruelty-free. The companies are individual. Not long ago, these 2 companies were not cruelty-free. But as a cruelty-free consumer, my stance on it lies: if we do not praise or reward these companies for turning cruelty-free and buying their products, would they cut costs and commit to animal testing again? I wish every company were cruelty-free and would banish the torturous act of testing. Slowly but surely, like my own personal journey, I have seen companies embody the cruelty-free policy.  If you still own cruelty-free brands, I can assure you this is probably common and I am sure you haven’t gone out of your way to buy it knowing it was tested on an innocent animal. But what I can also tell you , is that there are probably many products in your beauty drawers, kitchen cupboards and bathroom cabinets that ARE cruelty-free. Why don’t you take inventory? See the balance. Every step towards change is a good change. Take it one step at a time. Actively buy products that you know are cruelty-free when possible Don’t be pressured or attacked for owning products that even the most committed vegan has most likely owned in their lives. Try to do one cruelty-free purchase this week. The cruelty-free journey I have taken isn’t over yet, but slowly but surely, I will arrive at my destination.


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