The Shore

Sand dunes cascade along the golden shores, carving an uneven landscape between the line where the sky meets the water. As the breeze glides through the air, the water sends ripples running up the sand, kissing the scattered stones as it envelopes them. Rocks, pebbles and shells gather randomly, placed wherever the midnight ocean chooses to lay them. Imprints of paws create delicate wells for the water to fill, washing away the indented edges as it falls back into the swell of the sea. Mother nature paints the sky with a mesmerising mix of pastel tones and bold blues, using her most enchanting paintbrush to frame the coastal scene before her. Soaring into the sunrise, birds spread their wings and fly freely against the tranquil backdrop.
Subtle shadows from their arched bodies project onto the rocks, transforming into reflections as they meet the wistful water.  Dotted like clouds on a green canvas sky, the sheep stroll along the pastures, blissfully unaware of the boat that bobs towards the harbour. The emerald sails blow serenely, pushing the boat closer to its destination with a calming pace. A lighthouse sleeps, content in the silent stillness of the morning. The powerful light has completed its night shift, allowing the sunrise to take over its duties. Over the day, the sunlight will illuminate the shore in all its glory. The lighthouse waits, ready to guide sea-folk on their journeys across the open deep, as the tide ebbs and flows beneath the mysterious black of the night sky.


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