The Light: A Poem

I sat and watched the sun
watching over me.
It illuminated more
than I could ever see.

For in that moment
it all became clear.
I realised my dreams
were ever so near.

As the clouds parted
and let the light through.
I could see the sky’s canvas
So flawlessly blue.

The power of a dark sky
Can cast shadows on your light
But the stars are always there
in the deepest black of night.

Sometimes our eyes do not search
Or our vision becomes a haze
And the moments of uncertainty
Steal away joyful days

Watercolour clouds
Can be white or grey
Just like our emotions
They can form in any way

Hold onto your light
Even when you are in the dark
For the sun and stars are always shining
Just look up and see their spark.

Keep it safe within you
For it will always glow
Following you on your path
Shining hope wherever you may go.


2 thoughts on “The Light: A Poem

  1. Awwww Rach that poem has brought tears to my eyes. Absolutely beautiful !
    You are so talented.

    1. I have just seen these comments!! I am so glad you loved it and it has really touched me that it meant so much to you!! You are so supportive of my blogs. I am forever grateful xxxxxx

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