The Question They Never Ask

The question they never ask.

The art of question asking is a rewarding experience when met with an answer of interest.
At the root of a question, is the seed of intrigue. This can slowly grow within the mind, allowing people the time to gain their own assumptions OR it can spontaneously bloom , allowing the question to leave the lips within the five seconds that it took to develop in the mind.
Question asking is a fundamental part of communicating and is a vital tool in getting to know others, to learn new information and to simply conduct polite conversation. Questions can show compassion and care from those asking or can show interest and enthusiasm about other’s lives.
Whilst anyone has the potential to fire a question at any point, it is rarely the words “are you happy” that end with the question mark intonation. Rather than wanting to know the overall status of your emotions and contentment with life, they ask smaller, more focused questions aimed at specific areas of your life.
“When are you getting married?”
“When are you having children?”

When this, when that.

Life is not one narrow corridor with checkpoints that you HAVE to reach at certain times like a video game.
The beauty of life, is that every path is completely unidentical to others.
My nearest and dearest have different roads in life, yet we still all remain close.
I believe that every individual person has the right to create their own paths that will eventually lead to their desired destination. But why are we so focused on ticking boxes purely to satisfy the judgement of others?
If somebody has a child at 19 or 39 it does not matter and does not require questioning.
If somebody chooses to not marry, why does it matter to anybody else?
I marvel in the fact that everybody has their own life, leaving unique footprints on their journey through life. Some do not race towards the next milestone, they stop and experience life as it happens. Our bodies naturally age and regardless of how fast we do things, we still grow older. I cannot entertain the thought that I will be an elderly woman looking back at my life and regretting spending most of my life racing and rushing to achieve things that will come when they come. Yes, I want the obvious things in life but I want to actually appreciate what I have NOW instead of worrying about NEXT. There are the incredible milestones that I will one day take immense joy from, but we can create other significant moments in our lives also whilst we wait for those things to happen.

Sometimes, I know that the specific questions are not meant with judgement or condescension, but for once would somebody just ask if we’re happy?
We can be happy with a husband, two children and a cat.
We can be happy living alone with two dogs.
We can be happy travelling the world at 60.
We can be happy living a simple existence, indulging in the things we take pleasure from.
We can be happy without the checklist tick boxes that society pressures us with.

Though we wish for others to start asking whether we are happy, have you stopped to ask yourself?
Am I happy?
Find the things in your world that keep it spinning round and take the time to appreciate them in the present moment.

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