Unapologetically You.

Unapologetically you.

Like clouds, we are formed and created in unique shapes, no two clouds ever being the same.
Though some clouds appear similar or practically identical in ways, no two will ever share the same wispy outline.
Humans can sometimes be under the illusion that they have to fit a mould. A certain mould that was intended for another. We want to contort out personality to mirror that of another, when really, we should be embracing the person we are. To be unapologetically you, is to honour your personality by not trying to alter it to suit those around you. To not chameleon our inner characteristics and alter our colours to camouflage into the crowd. We should aim to shine the “me” inside you and project it like a lighthouse beaming into the inky black night. Embrace the person you are, the interests you have and the soul you possess.
The only traits we should ALL have the same within us are kindness, morality and respectfulness. Those are the anchors of being a good human, everything else is a vast ocean waiting to be filled with the aspects of you.
Grow like a flower being watered with the things you love and the things that make you happy.
Never be ashamed of the things you hold dear to your heart or the things that you are powerfully passionate about.

There are traits and threads of myself that sometimes others question. Like my extreme care for animals to the point where I am literally trying to save the most microscopic of insects. I have this innate voice that tells me to try to care for every creature; no matter how big or small. Sometimes it can add time onto brisk walks, days out and commutes because if I see any creature suffering or in need of a little helping hand, I will stop. To some, this is bonkers! Even to me, I know it is excessive but I have learned to accept that this is a part of me and I shouldn’t be ashamed to stop and move a snail or try to feed an exhausted bee. I am this way for a reason, just like you have your unique traits for a reason.

I am also a bit of a geek. Call me a geek anyday of the week! I actually came to honour that label. If being a geek means I am an avid reader, learner and lover of history then I’ll take it.
Reading is a massive passion of mine, so much so that I spend way too much time browsing charity shops for more. I seek out old books full of character and take so much excitement from knowing they have been literally passed through time. Then there is the historian in me that takes so much interest from anything remotely set in the past.

Then you have the piece of me that is a huge Disney lover! The old school Disney classics bring me so much joy and remind me of being a young, hopeful dreamer sat watching 101 Dalmatians after Primary School. 

I love the countryside.
I love exploring foreign cities.

I love spending hours walking on the beach.
I love spending hours sat reading.

I love going for afternoon tea with my Mom.
I love going for a drink or six with my best friends.

I love watching a gritty detective series with my boyfriend.
I love watching period dramas.

I love long dog walks.
I love cuddling my cats.

I love dancing until 3am.
I love cosy nights in. 

The point is, we are all unique with a stream of interests, characteristics and traits. If we were all the same this world would be stiflingly boring and dull! Embrace YOU and do not defend who you are. If people make passive judgement and comments, waft it away like a bad smell. Embrace your friend’s qualities, your partner’s traits and your families’ characteristics.
We should all be unapologetically ourselves.
Be unapologetically you.




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