Saying “ciao” to the over-thinker in me

Somebody once told me that they “don’t care what people think about me, as long as they know I’m a good person”.

It didn’t take me long to understand what the following belief meant, but it has taken me a while to apply it to my own manner of thinking. I would say that around 75% of my energy and thought processing would focus on how others perceived me, whether they liked me or whether they thought I was as interesting as those around them. This not meaning that my actions would reflect this worrying. My personality is set in stone and this wouldn’t change for anybody. But deep down I would always over-analyse how people would treat me. If people made a sarcastic , yet clearly judgmental comment, I would fret over it for a good amount of time, allowing it to build up inside like dust on an unused shelf. For a confident person, I still had a sensitive shell. Honestly? I still do but I have learned to only let it crack by things that warrant it.
Something clicked. Why should I care if people don’t like me? Why should I waste time worrying on what they think? Does it affect who I am as a person? No.
I know I am a good person. I have a fantastic circle of loved ones. I am lucky to have things in life that I am passionate about – animals, nature, reading, writing, living life.
When push comes to shove, why waste your time worrying over the opinions of those who have no real significance to your existence. Treat everyone with kindness, regardless of how they treat you. Be a good person. Love whole-heartedly. Be you unapologetically. Life is too short to spend precious moments worrying over the things that really just don’t matter.


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