The Waves of Worry

In the mind of a writer, thoughts and feelings are ever quite the monochrome of black and white. Instead, like a delicate dancer, they wish for their emotion to transform into a poetic performance, pirouetting from behind the curtain of the mind and plié onto the paper before them.  Expressing thoughts to a writer, without one mere metaphor to compare to, is like a bee passing by a flower inundated with pollen – it is a wasted opportunity. So, on that note, what random metaphor or symbolic reference can I encourage to participate with my long-winded, overly poetic blog based on a feeling of mine? I am thinking along the lines of the ocean and the sky. One, I love the ocean and the sky. Two, it ties in nicely with my thoughts and I can most definitely always find a link between nature and my blog post points. Three, what writer would miss the chance to write lengthy descriptions about nature?

The feeling in question is the foreboding cloud of overthinking. The cloud that inconspicuously follows the tide, hidden at first, then eventually ignites a sudden storm that sends the waves charging against the cliff-face in a frantic frenzy.  The overthinking cloud starts as a minute wisp within your mind, after a chance encounter with a moment of doubt or apprehension. Failing to raise the anchor and setting sail away from this doubt or apprehension, you have bought yourself a one-way ticket for a ride on the tumultuous waves fuelled from overthinking. You are literally sat in your sailing boat, waiting for the storm to grow above your head.  

It starts for me as a slight, but significant dot, smaller than a droplet in the ocean. Something, or someone will catch my attention in a way that doesn’t quite settle. It doesn’t fall back in line with the other droplets of water to push back out to sea, nor does it float away like specks of cotton wool clouds in the sky from a gentle nudge from the breeze. My mind can feel it, sitting and building like ambitious coral on a sunken shipwreck. Though it doesn’t ever take over the waves, the thoughts that have implanted there slowly become more prominent, until they are no longer just a single droplet of water, or a whimsical wisp of cloud particles. It sets the waves into an unnatural rhythm and although I row against it, it splashes ferociously at me until eventually, the storm blows over. In a non-metaphorical, poetic term, the storm blowing over is at the point where I air my worries to a loved one or friend. In most cases, I am able to rid myself of the silly overthinking cloud, or wave, or whatever other natural existence I have attached to this blog post. They simply disappear. Like the seasons, they can reappear, but it takes time to take a hold of that life jacket and rise above the stormy waves of overthinking. I have found that over time, my positive outlook to life shines over most of the negative thoughts and feelings that occur. But as a natural-born over-thinker, there will always be some irritating dot that grows overhead, like the build up to a raging storm. All it takes is some bedazzling sunshine to banish those clouds of doubt and worry. Be your own sunshine and cast the overthinking clouds away.

Thank you for reading!


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