Beside The Seaside

We all have a happy place. Most of mine consist of where my loved ones and animals are, but if we are talking geographically then I have a handful. I adore strolling through the countryside, stopping for a tea and cake. Pottering on a Sunday with my partner debating where to go for lunch. Sitting … More Beside The Seaside


THE TEA PLANTER’S WIFE BY DINAH JEFFRIES A sentence to summarise: A refined blend of British stoicism and the suffocating impact of secrets, alongside the evocative landscapes of foreign lands. Plot: Youthful Gwen, a born English rose, marries the charmingly captivating Laurence Hooper. Love’s commitments soon sees Gwen aboard a ship bound for Ceylon (Sri … More THE TEA PLANTER’S WIFE book review

Northern Adventures: Northumberland & Newcastle

Every year, my friend and I embark on a venture to a new, unseen place. Although we have many worldwide destinations listed on our endless travel bucket list, we believe that exploring your own country is where travelling should start. Each county, city, town and village holds something authentic to it’s beginnings and it’s on-going … More Northern Adventures: Northumberland & Newcastle