Earth & Us.

  It is sometimes a perplexing thought, that our entire existence and the millions of moments within our lives, are all centred on a spherical mass of blue and green. Earth. Life is short. We move forward on the timeline of our life every-day, whilst the Earth continues to turn. Our lives can hit a … More Earth & Us.

Umberto Giannini Review: Grow Long Hair Products

Some may call me a hair care hoarder, but I call myself a hair care detective. I am constantly researching or seeking out new hair products that will work in perfect harmony with my blonde barnett.  Over the years, my agenda for purchasing hair care has altered. We all want the perfectly conditioned, cover girl … More Umberto Giannini Review: Grow Long Hair Products

Beside The Seaside

We all have a happy place. Most of mine consist of where my loved ones and animals are, but if we are talking geographically then I have a handful. I adore strolling through the countryside, stopping for a tea and cake. Pottering on a Sunday with my partner debating where to go for lunch. Sitting … More Beside The Seaside