A Cruelty-Free Night In

An Italian restaurant without pasta?! A bottomless brunch without prosecco?! Madness!! So is a night in without these cruelty-free beauty products. Nights out are undeniably fun. Dancing the night away holding a rum and coke wearing your favourite pair of somewhat comfy heels, as the DJ fires away tune after tune! It is true- dancing … More A Cruelty-Free Night In


Make-up: from clueless to cruelty-free

Careless and clueless   Going up the escalator to the beauty floor always gave me a little flutter of excitement in my stomach. The make-up glistening like precious gemstones in the luminous , iridescent lights is displayed so beautifully with the perfect arrays of colours which always seems to call my name.  I used to ask myself: where … More Make-up: from clueless to cruelty-free