Unapologetically You.

Unapologetically you. Like clouds, we are formed and created in unique shapes, no two clouds ever being the same.Though some clouds appear similar or practically identical in ways, no two will ever share the same wispy outline.Humans can sometimes be under the illusion that they have to fit a mould. A certain mould that was … More Unapologetically You.

The Light: A Poem

I sat and watched the sun watching over me. It illuminated more than I could ever see. For in that moment it all became clear. I realised my dreams were ever so near. As the clouds parted and let the light through. I could see the sky’s canvas So flawlessly blue. The power of a … More The Light: A Poem

The Shore

Sand dunes cascade along the golden shores, carving an uneven landscape between the line where the sky meets the water. As the breeze glides through the air, the water sends ripples running up the sand, kissing the scattered stones as it envelopes them. Rocks, pebbles and shells gather randomly, placed wherever the midnight ocean chooses … More The Shore