My first e.l.f purchase! *The natural look*  





Recently, I have been reflecting on my cruelty-free beauty journey. In my latest blog post, I discussed how far into my journey I have come, but how far I still must go. There are many miles between perfection when it comes to animal welfare.
Strangely, I had never purchased any e.l.f products, which goes to show that I still have more delving to do into high street brands! Recommended by a friend, I instantly jumped onto their website to check it out. I was struggling to find affordable BB cream that included SPF. Browsing their product lists, let’s put it this way, BB cream wasn’t the only thing to end up in my basket. Normally, like most online shoppers, we become impulsive :initially filling our virtual baskets with the entire website. Then, when it comes to checkout, we realise that we might have to delete an item or 22. However, when I looked at my basket to gauge the overall price, I was perplexed to see that -budget wise- I didn’t need to remove anything!
E.l.f had incredible offers on when I made my first purchase. I received 3 free items and some of the paid products were in the sale. I bought 12 items for £25.25!
The vast amount of product for the small price could raise quality concern in some, but another learning curve I have taken , is that high end prices don’t always mean high-end quality.

1.  Moisturizing Lipstick (left) in shade Pink Minx FREE gift , RRP £4.50
2.  Beautifully Bare Satin Lipstick (middle) in shade Touch of nude  £3 in sale, RRP £6
3.  Beautifully Bare Satin Lipstick (right) in shade Touch of pink  £3 in sale, RRP £6

The lipsticks are super soft and glide on like a dream! They are also very buildable



1. Beautifully Bare Highlighting Stick in shade Pink Pearl Glow, FREE gift, RRP £ 4.00. (top left)
2. Highlighter in shade White Pearl, Sale £1.50, RRP £3.00  (top right)
3. ELF + Glow Highlighter in shade Golden , Sale £3.75, RRP £7.50   (bottom) 

The highlighters are a fabulous purchase! For a highlighter that doesn’t break the bank,  these are perfect! They are all buildable and apply so easily and smoothly, The stick gives a dewy, luminous glow that is ideal for day to day use over the top of the BB cream. The bronze highlighter is gorgeous over the top of bronzer when you want a summery look! The white highlighter is also fantastic! I use this in the inner corners of my eye for a little yet effective pop or brightness! This glides over the highlighter stick so complimentary!



  1. Best Friend Eyeshadow Duo colours Peach Squad, Sale £2.25, RRP £4.50 top left
  2. Smudge Brush, Sale £1.00, RRP £2.00 top right 
  3. Instant Lift Brow Pencil shade Taupe,  RRP £3.00 bottom left 
  4. Brightening Eyeliner, shade Coffee, FREE gift, RRP £2.00, bottom right 


I actually bought the eyeshadow combo for my night out bag! The colour is perfect to top up my bronzer and won’t take up any room! But, I did put a layer of this on my lids and it is a lovely, soft natural tone. Excellent purchase!
The brow pencil is amazing! I have started to do more natural brows, especially during isolation. But I will stick to them from now on! It adds just the right amount of colour and is really easy to apply.


  1. BB Cream SPF 20 , shade Buff, Sale £3.75, RRP £7.50
  2. Moisture Lock Primer, Sale £4.00, RRP £8.00 




All hail the e.l.f BB cream!! I am in love with this product !! It is exactly what I wanted. Easy application, blends into the skin, contains SPF and gives a natural glowing coverage! I will definitely be sticking to this over foundation for the daytime! The primer is super silky and works well on my normal/dry combination skin.
I would use both together, but the BB cream blends so nicely into the skin that I don’t think you need primer with this!


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