Being your own best friend, not your own worst enemy.

Be your own best friend and not your own worst enemy. The mind can flicker between moods like the reels of an old black and white film reel.One moment your mind is filled with beautiful butterflies that spread joy throughout your body, giving you no choice but to smile from ear to ear, creating an … More Being your own best friend, not your own worst enemy.

Unapologetically You.

Unapologetically you. Like clouds, we are formed and created in unique shapes, no two clouds ever being the same.Though some clouds appear similar or practically identical in ways, no two will ever share the same wispy outline.Humans can sometimes be under the illusion that they have to fit a mould. A certain mould that was … More Unapologetically You.

The Light: A Poem

I sat and watched the sun watching over me. It illuminated more than I could ever see. For in that moment it all became clear. I realised my dreams were ever so near. As the clouds parted and let the light through. I could see the sky’s canvas So flawlessly blue. The power of a … More The Light: A Poem