Love, Unity and Togetherness: The ‘One Love Manchester’ concert.

I can confidently say I was not the only person who felt tonnes of emotions whilst watching the One Love Manchester concert! Underpinning all of the emotions, was the powerful feeling of love combined with the overwhelming grip of loss for the people taken from the world too soon and for all of those affected. Ariana throwing this concert was possibly one of the most compassionate and poignant ways to honour them. As the sun went down over the stage and the crowd sang along to the stars with pride in their voices, the atmosphere just seemed electric!


Sitting sobbing to at least 35% of the One Love Manchester concert, I realised the ‘One’ rang true in more than one way. Initially, I knew the ‘One’ stood for the one emotion in which we should cherish dearly and spread passionately; this emotion being love. It was not until I sat there Sunday night -watching eagerly behind the TV screen- that I felt ‘One’ was the best way to describe the heart-warming unity that thrived among the crowd. If I felt this so strongly from behind the screen, I can only begin to imagine how incredibly intense the feeling of togetherness was in the actual venue! You hear legendary musicians state that music unites people and brings them together: they say it speaks its own language and doesn’t exclude anyone! This concert epitomised unity through music, which makes the negative comments said on social media completely irrelevant. I am a firm believer everyone is entitled to their opinion, but certain opinions aired whilst the concert was in full swing were unnecessary! People commented saying the quality of music was not great etc. Seriously, who cares? If you don’t like Ariana’s music or Katy Perry’s music, does it really matter? The music did its job: it brought people together after something threatened to tear us apart. There are many songs that make me want to implode with annoyance, but with an atmosphere like the one blazing through the venue on that special Sunday evening, you could have played those aggravating songs ten times over.
Unity, togetherness and the strength of standing as ‘One’ was defined that night.

Ariana Grande:

While Ariana Grande’s music may not be everybody’s cup of tea, her passion and motivation shines! Prior to the concert, I was not a truly dedicated Ariana fan. I listened to her music now and again when on the radio. She is in numerous YouTube playlists I have created. I have a few iTunes downloads on my phone, one of which being free. She had always been there, as a musician existing on my technology. I had followed her on twitter and Instagram for a while. I had noticed her gorgeous face and her immensely incredible voice, but I had never noticed her as a woman. I didn’t know much about her or the person behind the voice….

Her devoted dedication to honouring the people who lost their lives at her concert and to those affected, is sincerely heart-warming. At the age of only 23, she has inspired not only her besotted fans, but people of all ages from all walks of life, all over the world. Like I said before, it doesn’t matter if you turn her songs off when listening to the radio or skipping the music channel if you see her video, what matters is that she brought us together. The unity, the love and the oneness that resonated throughout the venue that night has shown the world how we should always stand in the face of those who try to break us. 
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